The Grumman Albatross Web Site - Let Us Never Forget September 11th 2001
Welcome to the Grumman Albatross History Site

  • The site is undergoing an overhaul and new information is being added/updated. Please look around. This will be an ongoing process, so please be patient and come back often. In the short term there are going to be a number of missing photos, broken links and old menus. I am working very hard to correct these as quickly as possible.

  • If you have any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc, please send them to me at

  • All the data I have accumulated over the past years is being continuously compiled and databased with the long term goal of publishing a comprehensive, accurate history of the Albatross in book and/or electronic database formats.

    • As a side note, my current research material consists of almost 3000 documents that consume almost 20 feet of shelf space.
  • The timeline for publication of the results of this project is being left open ended until I feel I have adequate data to ensure that the final product is as complete as I feel it can be.

  • The number of open questions is still very large, but is shrinking steadily due to input and assistance from throughout the world.