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Welcome to the Grumman Albatross History Site

Updated 15 June, 2019

  • I have spent the last 20+ years collecting data and information on the history of the Grumman Albatross. Although I have been less active over the last few years as I spent more time with my family, I have never stopped the process. There have been numerous changes in the status of the existing Albatrosses over the last few years and I am working on updates to the website to bring the information more up to date. Please bear with me.

    • This will be an ongoing process, so please be patient and come back often. In the short term there are going to be a number of missing photos, broken links and old menus. I am working very hard to correct these as quickly as possible.

    • If you have any comments, suggestions, corrections, etc, please send them to me at

    • All the data I have accumulated over the past years is being continuously compiled and databased with the long term goal of publishing a comprehensive, accurate history of the Albatross in book and/or electronic database formats.

      • As a side note, my current research material consists of almost 3000 documents that consume almost 20 feet of shelf space.
    • The timeline for publication of the results of this project is being left open ended until I feel I have adequate data to ensure that the final product is as complete as I feel it can be.

    • The number of open questions is still very large, but is shrinking steadily due to input and assistance from throughout the world.

  • I have produced a document that provides a summary of many of the major topics and answers some of the common questions regarding the Albatross. Please feel free to download through the link below. This document may be redistributed freely with two caveats.

    • 1. It must be distributed exactly as it is, and must be distributed in its entirety, with the header and footer information intact and unchanged.

    • 2. No compensation of any kind may be received in exchange for this document or the information contained herein.

    • Download Link - A Brief History of the Albatross - Currently Revision 11 (2022-05-29)

  • In reviewing some of my collected documents I came across the official Navy report regarding the Albatross Wing Life Limit and thought I would post it here. This is commonly referred to as the "Philadelphia Report". Additional information is available under History and then Wing Life